This Clinic Stays Open!

WE were so happy to have y’all with us!

Louisville Clinic Escorts

This clinic stays open!

How did you spend last Saturday? If you are like a lot of people in Kentucky, you went to the Kentucky State Fair. The weather was nice and it was the opening weekend of the fair.

Three Louisville escorts drove a little over 600 miles to join about 100 other people for the rally at Jackson Women’s Health Organization (JWHO). We were representing those in Louisville who could not join, but wanted to support JWHO. Donations from individual members of Kentucky Health Justice Network, Kentucky Support Network, KRCRC, A Fund and escorts made the trip possible for us.

We felt we had to be there to stand with the organizations working in Mississippi to keep the only abortion clinic in the state open. We have been reading about the TRAP law passed in 2012, requiring admitting privileges to local hospitals for the OB/Gyn physicians working at…

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