A Network of Support

As always a great post from our fellow clinic defenders in KY!

Louisville Clinic Escorts

In my last post, I mentioned a particular time when I was walking the gauntlet at the clinic – the rows of pray-ers who line the sidewalk, saying the rosary, singing, and yelling at clients as they come through.   It was a couple of years ago now, but the memory is vivid.

As I passed through them ~ men, women, and children ~ I suddenly knew that some of them wanted to hurt me.  I felt a visceral awareness of the waves of anger and hatred rolling off some of them, directed toward me.  They could easily have become an angry mob, throwing stones at me.

It was strange and oddly chilling.  Very powerful.  I don’t think about it often, but when I do, I can feel it again.

But the other night, I had an opposite experience.

Really, it started months ago.  Servalbear and I were talking about…

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3 thoughts on “A Network of Support

    • Believe her she is more than likely judging herself some women experience shame and guilt often based on what they think other people will think or how they think they should feel. Also some women do grief. Any of her feelings are ok.

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