Ways You Can Help Us

by Laurie Bertram Roberts

Wednesday September 25th was the kickoff of the anti choicers 40 days for life campaign.  I like to call it 40 days of judging and shaming women or 40 days of lies. This is a great time for people to show how much they support the last remaining independent abortion provider in Mississippi.

People frequently ask us how they can help the escorts do what what we do at the clinic so here is a list of things we could use to make our job easier. Of course we always take good old fashion money our paypal account is accessed using mississippiNOWprez@gmail.com if you donate via paypal please specify whether you want your donation to go for abortion funding or clinic defense (donations are being handled by the Mississippi chapter of NOW and ALL funds donated go to clinic defense or abortion funding NOT other chapter activities).

Just to make things interesting we will be tweeting a count of the protesters at the clinic on the days we are there so you and your friends can pledge to send a dollar or fifty cents for every protester that we have during the largest protest day. Your help is needed and appreciated.

If you are in our area and/or have these items please contact us.

external hard drive or large flash drive

hand held digital camcorder

16 or 32 GB memory cards for cameras (for legal observing)

Umbrellas (the big sturdy kind)

rain ponchos (big ones and  smaller ones)


C batteries


We are always in need of cases of water we use A LOT of water!

If you post messages of thanks and support for the doctors and staff we will be sure they get them.

We greatly thank all of you for your support.


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