New Documentary Features Abortion Fight In MS And TX

The new documentary short Roe At Risk made as part of the group Alliance for Justice First Monday film project discusses the current state of emergency around reproductive rights and features activists in Mississippi and Texas as well as national leaders. There are interviews with JWHO clinic director Shannon Brewer, Provider Dr. Willie Parker and several clinic escorts can be seen in the footage. If you want to help support the clinic you can learn more about how to do that here or join us as for events Nov. 1-6.


3 thoughts on “New Documentary Features Abortion Fight In MS And TX

  1. what a disgrace… roe v wade should never have existed for access to affordable and safe (legal) abortion – a medical procedure or health issue – should always have remained legal. Yet here we are again. But we are strong; this fight will go on until we, those for choice, are given what is legally and morally due.

  2. Reblogged this on Truth- A Right to Fight For… and commented:
    State o emergency to say the least… In many states, TX and MS need attention; all states at threat do, but as the fate of women in TX hangs, we are facing some of the most insane, cruel laws being implemented not to save lives, but to deny us, women, health care. I’m all for separation of church and state just as I am equally, if not a bit more passionate about separation of church and medicine! No religion should be forced upon another; yet Christians seem to have a brilliant time shoving down people, using fear tactics and lies to hurt women. This must stop..

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