About Us

This blog is written by several women (and men!) that help defend the State of Mississippi’s lone standing abortion clinic–Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  We are not employed by nor do we speak for Jackson Women’s Health Organization, it’s staff, or owner.

We use this site to inform the public about harassment women seeking medical services face when they present at the clinic.  We want people to see the harassment that clinic escorts face.  We want people to see the very REAL threat people who work in clinics have of being attacked simply because they provide these services.  Plus, we’re mad as hell that we are down to one.  And we will keep fighting to keep this clinic open as long as is necessary.

You can read about the clinic’s story and our struggles with TARP laws in the following links:

Mississippi’s Lone Abortion Clinic Struggles to Stay Open

Clinic Wins Battle In Abortion War

Seven Hospitals Deny Jackson Abortion Clinic

Outside Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic

If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact this email I’m sure we’ll all forget to check:  info@thelastabortionclinic.com.  If you need help paying for abortion services, you may contact: mississippiNOWprez@gmail.com

Please donate to the Mississippi NOW Reproductive Justice Fund through secure Paypal.  100% of funds are used for women needing assistance paying for reproductive services you can designate funding for clinic defense if you like.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’ve just read an article about the incredible job you do helping women attending the clinic in The Independent newspaper, here in the UK.
    I’m really sorry that I cannot afford to support you financially, but please be aware that there is someone on the other side of the Atlantic who admires very much everything that you are doing to support the women attending. I truy admire the stand you all have taken. Best wishes for your future work.

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